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Book Reviews

The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart: So you have a “good idea”? Martha takes you step by step and shows you how to parlay that into a successful entrepeural business adventure. I just love the “real” people who she offers as examples. From knit shops to florists to butchers, according to Martha, getting your “good idea” launched is not about luck, it’s about having a passion and putting in quality time to make it happen. As artist/author with Colourful Stitches, chapter 4 hits home with “Teach so you can learn”. You just gotta love her.

The Compete Book of Color by Suzy Chiazzari

This is color for living for inside your home to what you wear each day. Try this fun exercise that’s in the book:

Choose three colors:

1. The color you find the most pleasing. The most pleasing color is your soul color and this color preference usually remains the same over a long period of time. You are drawn to your soul color intuitively and this color will represent your personality and outlook on life.

2. The color you find the most relaxing. The second color you choose is your color of relaxation. It is the color that has a calming and soothing effect on you, bringing you healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

3. The color you find the most inspiring. The third color is inspirational. It is your mental color and helps you aspire to your higher self.

Women and Money by Suzy Orman Tired of being the victim and clueless? The book starts with the basic of the basic, a savings account and by CD5 you will be up estate planning and living an empowered life. I would give this to any young women just starting so her “tool” box is fully loaded and to the matured women who never knew or went on autopilot. You just never know and perhaps you don’t need to make an adjustment, but when you need to know, you know where to find answer. I listen to it every 6 months or so because there was just so much I never knew. It’s empowering.

The Secret by Rhonda Byme. I’ve recommended it to at least 20 people and yes, I know that I’ve been under a rock and the whole world already knew what I just discovered. However, in my defense I have been inspired to take action. If you haven’t read it, get it, borrow it or down load it because this is the year of Enlightenment. I have no other words to describe what’s inside, however I will warn you that the music is not the best so ignore it.

Setting Solutions by Sharyn Craig. Not the usual offering of sets on point or straight sets. This book goes beyond the common by using pieced or appliquéd blocks INSIDE of blocks or alternating your collection with another pieced block. For me the book is a must just to get ideas on what to do with friendship, exchange or orphan blocks. The examples in the book are inspiring.

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I’m not sure who recommended this book to me but I owe her some “Fat Quarters”. I was quick to judge the book negatively by title alone and then received the book as a gift. It is one of the best books to listen to while quilting. The southern accents and the innocence of yesteryear combined with a great story line make this book worth every penny. You can listen to this with your middle schoolers or mother without wishing you could fast forward. I would say its PG-13. I have it unabridged on CD and it’s a 11 CDs long epic. (Send me an email if you were the one who recommended the book to me. It was during one of my workshops last year.)

The Crocodile, the Dog and the Snake by Elizabeth Peters.
I purchased this book unabridged on cassette used via the Internet. It was the beginning of my love for the writing style of Ms. Peters. The book takes you to Egypt during the British occupancy with tomb robbers and archeologist. Neither was of particular interest to me but I couldn’t pass by the title. This book is the beginning of a series and I should admit now that I have them all. I could listen to these over and over again. The connection between the croc, dog and snake is a great way to entertain the brain while quilting.

The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas. This is a classic book about quilting and quilting bees. As I write this, my mouth is parched by the description of drought in the book. It will make you laugh out loud and cry. If you quilt you must have this book and on audio it’s such a treat. Like having time to take a bubble bath. My copy is unabridged on cassette. By the way even non-quilters love this story. Sandra Dallas also wrote “Alice’s Tulips” another quilt related book.