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The Queen's Court

Once upon a time, in the wondrous land of Delphia, lived a queen with a beautiful quilt containing all the colors in her kingdom. Her name was Dae, the Queen of Delight. Life in Delphia was full of color, magic, and games. Until the morning she awoke to an incredible, bright-white light. She saw that all the kingdom's colors had been removed. She knew color must be restored to Delphia! Frantically, she looked for Spectra, the dragon.

Queen Dae called for Drake, her trusty footman. His mission is to find the most virtuous warrior of all, the only warrior who had become a part of Delphia's color, the Black Knight.

Is the Black Knight enough to protect the secret that lies within the Dragon Eggs or will Delphia lose its color forever?

To be a member of The League of Virtuousn Knights, the Queen's elite warriors, each knight must have unquestioned character. They alone are entrusted to guard over the Queen's most precious treasure, the Dragon Eggs. Now, a crisis comes to the Land of Delphia. Are the knights enough to protect the secret that lies within the Dragon Eggs or will the secret be lost forever?

Perhaps... if not for her quilt.


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