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Welcome to my space! I just can’t get enough color and geometry is what I like most. I rarely make appliqué quilts but try to add a little here and there as a surprise. At the moment, I have been studying tile work which explains my block of the month series, Canal Street Tiles. I tend to sketch in series building on a simple thought and adding more complexity with each new design. The challenge is I never seem to have time to execute each one in cloth. I always say, “one day” but on that day, a different idea sparks.

This is a sampling of what I find intriguing when I have time to quilt “just for me”. Enjoy!





I finished the quilt top for In this House at a retreat in CT, hosted by Kris Pelletier. During the evening, it was so invigorating to remove the paper from the back of the house blocks, that I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I do want you to note the most important features of this photo: I have both my journal and cell phone within hands reach; at the ready for the next big idea.

Potter’s Baskets was made as a commission piece for a potter. I used my hand dyed fabric in a tight gradation of blues and oranges. Its hand quilted.

Summer Fruit Salad “back”, can you believe it? I think it contains better art than the front! After making a quilt using the fruit line, I just didn’t want to see it again so I used it up, every scrap of fabric left went into the back.

Potter's Basket

Summer Fruit Salad

Dance of the Dragonfly is my Little Quilt Auction donation for the NQA show in Columbus, 2008. I cleaned up my desk and used all the leftover bits and pieces. Beth Ridder is the new owner.

Dance of the Dragonfly

Flower Power was another clean up quilt but this time from the "trash" of another quilter. Using the trash from the workshop project, she cut 2 1/2" squares and gave them to me for a challenge quilt. This is what I came up with. I added the black and white squares and a few extra. So you see, EVERYTHING is possible in quilting. AND notice this one has appliqué!

Flower Power

My new toy and ultimate sewing companion, I just need a name for her. Any thoughts? My signature looks like graffiti.

The Gathering: Where do they go and how do they know? Canadian Geese on migration.

Random Symmetry represents 4 levels of symmetry, a study in balance.

The Gathering

Random Symmetry

Another commission quilt, this time the challenge was to compliment a painting by the child’s father. I hate to admit this was a baby quilt but by the time I got it done Brogan was 3 or 4 years old. Those are her actual hand prints and her father, Garth, sketched the face of the sun. It was a blue ribbon winner. The quilt’s name is, “The view from Granny and Grandpa House.”

This is Conzetta's Courtyard and is in the private collection of Conzetta Boswell. The hand quilting style is Welsh in the North Country. It's my first attempt at this style of quilting, I just love the look.

Artists interpret art; floral arrangement by student at Harford Day School.