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The View Challenge:

“The view” haiku challenge rules are simple the leading words of the first line must begin with “The view” and participants could submit as many haiku as you wish however only one was in the line up for voting. This collection demonstrates our view is our perspective however it is also a common view witness time and time again. The challenge was held September 7-9, 2010.

One click to see the full "view”.

If - Then Haiku Challenge:

The If-Then statement is just what the name says it is. It is a condition statement that proves IF something happens THEN something else will happen. Now, how good are we at putting life's conditions into a haiku observation? The challenge was held July 22-27, 2009 and here are the rules:

First line of 5 syllables must begin with the word, "If".
Second line of 7 syllables must begin with the word, "Then".
Third line of 5 syllables is your punch line or end to the story.

As seen in previous challenges, this list is amazing! For some, this is their first haiku ever and others ..Zen Masters.

One click to see the full collection.

The First Time Challenge:

The first time challenge was held February 1 – 16, 2009. This collection is proof that romance is still alive and thriving even after 45 years. The haiku represent of our first romantic love yet some poets chose to capture other hallmark moments as well. Jane in NJ was the lucky winner and received a hand-dyed silk scarf for her exception haiku. The collection is posted here, perhaps they will inspire you to pen your own or reflect on a common moment in time.

Renga Challenge, May – December 2008:

So what is a Renga? I’m so glad you asked. This is my take so if you are a purist please be kind. This was snatched from the web with my deletions and additions. The original text is by Jane Reichhold.

A Renga is verses of poetry which alternate between the 5, 7, 5 syllable count of the haiku followed by the 7, 7 two line syllable count. The objective is to trick or turn the reader's thinking to admire a pun or jest as a three-line verse (of 17 syllables) and follow it with a two-line verse of 7 and 7 syllables that perhaps goes in an unexpected direction. The standard long form Renga is 100 verses but we shall attempt a short form with less.

As you read or add to a Renga the important thing to watch is what happens BETWEEN the links. Think of each verse as a springboard from which you are going to jump. As your mind leaps (and you think you know where the poem is going) you should be forced to make a somersault in order to land upright in the next link. It is the twist your mind makes between links that makes Renga interesting. Click here to view some Renga examples.

Election Day 2008 Challenge:

What a day to capture in haiku! The list does not disappoint, from coast to coast their 17 syllables were heard on November 3, 2008 prior to knowing the results and post results. Click to pause and reflect on our nation in its changing hour.

First Day of Summer/Summer Solstice Haiku Challenge:

The first day of summer was held Thursday, June 21, 2007.

All I can say is impressive! The collection is posted here. You get to decide which haiku says it all! I added mine in the mix to keep this competition fair. The collection is a salute to a fantastic summer!

The Alphabet in Haiku Challenge:

Alphabet haiku with twist was completed March 13, 2008.

They’re done, all 26 letters and before the deadline of April 1st. Have a joyous laugh and release the kid stuck inside you. Presenting the alphabet in silly fun haiku (5, 7, 5 syllables per line) with a twist on the tongue.