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Poetry and Patchwork

Poetry and Patchwork
by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald & James W. Pryde, Jr.

One thought, One breath, One vision... And a challenge.

Haiku appear to be simple, but they pack a punch. They are notable for being compressed and suggestive. Haiku record a moment, sensation, or impression in time, and they're often personal.

I issued a challenge to James that I could write more haiku -- more quickly -- than he could -- and he's a writer.

So the challenge was on. We each had to write fifty poems; the first one finished would be the winner. We had one year from the start of the challenge to complete all fifty, and the haiku had to be inspired by moments within that year.

The haiku in this collection are our best from that challenge. We've combined them here with some of my favorite quilts. We hope you enjoy them both.

Poetry & Patchwork was recognized for over all achievement in content and design by the Independent Book Publishers Association in 2007. We are proud to be a Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist for Best Gift Book, Small Format in 2007.

It takes my breath away! Gives me goose bumps! Love it! -- Nancy King

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