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Polygon Affair...So Easy You'll Fall in Love

My heart flutters with excitement of new love. I canít stop playing with polygons: Pyramids, diamonds, cones and hexagons.

I was daunted by the insane thought of needing templates and hand-piecing just because of an inset ďYĒ seam. Really, is that the only way? What I knew for sure is that I canít follow traditional rules. Itís time to wipe the board clean and start anew…this is my list:

  • I need a method to accurately cut polygon shapes, template free. A perfect tool is one that also fits well in my hand.
  • I donít want to remember what size strip is needed to cut a particular shape. I want to be able to cut strips in advance and decide later how to use it.
  • I want the polygon shapes to play well with each other so I can combine them as my creativity expands.
  • I want polygons small but not micro-mini and bold but not chunky.
  • And no hand stitching or marking sewing lines. I want to sew effortlessly.

Ask and you will receive.The Polygon and Polygon2 Tools have been formulated for perfect math…Iíve found the sweet spot. The tools play well together as Polymates, a marriage made in heaven. Each one cuts all four shapes to include the five-sided cone. Click here to learn more.

What gets you to effortless piecing of polygon shapes is the use of the Butterfly Seam technique to sew the inset pieces. Itís an innovative approach to stitching that is harder to explain than it is to execute yet it seals the love forever.

No longer insane, just in love. Polygon Affair…So Easy Youíll Fall in Love puts it all together. It is filled with ideas to make each of the quilt an original. Iíve designed a collection of blocks, connectors and layout plans that are interchangeable to expand the possibilities for endless love.

Click here now and journey with me through the stages of a love affair, a Polygon AffairÖitís so easy youíre bound to fall in love.


Please click on the sample pages for a larger view!