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Women in 1930s created beauty during very tough times in the form of quilts to keep their families warm. They shared patterns like recipes; they stitched together as they cooked together. They hand penned letters to family and friends. They were busy and it’s no wonder that some of their quilts never got finished…left as orphans for another generation.

As I look at my vintage collection I ask myself if I can pay homage to those quilters I so admire by finishing what they started? Is it possible to add my style of simple lines, contemporary fabric and unexpected color blending without compromising the original intent?

It’s a tall order and I love challenges. Come and join me on the journey to finishing.

But wait, there’s more. Quilts: Unfinished Stories with New Endings contains instructions and full color illustrations for 10 quilt patterns. Now you can recreate these classic quilts using today’s cutting and piecing techniques and use fabulous bold fabrics.


"It is a wonderful book to pore over, and lends itself well to revisiting on multiple occasions when different moods might steer the reader to study the photographs on one instance, linger over the letters on another, learn how to handle vintage textiles on a third, and study construction details on a fourth." From original review by sarahlovesfabric.com- site no longer active

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Gold Medal winner of The Living Now Book Awards, 2010 which recognize books that help readers help themselves, to learn about enriching their lives in wholesome, Earth-friendly ways.

Quilts: Unfinished Stories with New Endings promotes The Living Now lifestyle by helping readers sense the need to slow down, see and feel the natural world around them, and to find balance in their lives.

Gold medalist in the GDUSA American Graphic Design Award, 2010





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