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The Dream

The Dream: A Magical Journey in Colourful Stitches

by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald

Aunt Hattie's quilt shop is full of gray calico fabric, and for Hanna that just won't do. Fortunately, the Good Fairy Gadget steps in and sets Hanna and her dog Bobbin on the Fabric Road to inspiration. Join Hanna and Bobbin on this quest and you may just find yourself quilting your own Dream.

The Dream includes patterns and instructions for making your own Dream Quilt!

"The sense of adventure and the exciting pictures are sure to delight every child who reads it... and the child within many adult quilters as well." -- Jean Ann Wright, Senior Editor, QUILT Magazine

"Alice of Wonderland and Dorothy of Oz now have a worthy successor: Hanna of Fabricland." -- Kathleen Feeley, SSND, College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

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A Dream Project

FPI Publishing is committed to providing you with the inspiration to read and being a "do-er". For a great kid’s activity, click the link to a free download of the sketches from The Dream book.

You can skip the detailed piecing and print the sketches directly onto fabric. Next step is filling in with sketch with permanent marking pens (like fine Sharpes) or fabric crayons. Once that part is complete, add block borders, sashing and the final borders. Tying is a nice option to securing the layers or it can be quickly machine quilted. Done, you now have your very own Dream Quilt.

Just in case you don’t have time to sew your own Dream Quilt, what about making a coloring book? Or a scrap book? Or a story book? You can add your own "picture shapes" by tracing Mom’s cookie cutters. The possibilities are endless. Basic supplies include card stock for mounting the pages (don’t forget to add one for the cover), glue stick, safe scissors (make sure Mom's helping), pencil for tracing the cookie cutter shapes, crayons to add the color, hole punch and ribbon (to tie it all together for book). Don't forget to sign your name on the cover!